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The Modern Trend Story

The Modern Trend story began way back in 1957, in the country town of Tara, situated approximately four hours west of  Brisbane, Queensland. 

From the beginning, The Modern Trend has been the quintessential country store, catering to just about everything a country household needs – from clothing and shoes to home essentials.

Once an employee in the store, Kerry Kelly and husband Mick, purchased the business in 2007.

Since taking the reins, Kerry has infused new life into the store, revamping the space, expanding the floor room to showcase an array of quality products, ensuring are great shopping experience.

Owning The Modern Trend has been more than a business venture for Kerry and Mick; it’s been a journey and an investment in their community.  As long-time locals , Kerry and Mick raised their family in Tara, and have a deep understanding of the community and the Tara lifestyle.

As the person on the floor, behind the counter and ordering stock, Kerry has had the pleasure of meeting people from all corners, from locals to remote workers to tourists and travellers, each with their own interesting stories. 

Regardless of where her customers come from or where they are going, Kerry’s goal is to have happy customers.

“The best part of my job is the people I meet” says Kerry. 

Pop in to the store at 36 Day Street and say ‘hello’. 

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